The International Symposium on Intelligent Computing Systems - ISICS is committed to the promotion, preservation, and collaboration of research, education and practice in the field of artificial intelligence, including computer vision and image processing. The symposium is organized and supported by three recognized Mexican institutions, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán (UADY), Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas (CIMAT), and Instituto de Investigaciones en Matemáticas Aplicadas y en Sistemas (IIMAS-UNAM).

The 1st ISICS was held in 2016 in Merida, Mexico. This event was first created to have a forum for communication of world wide innovations in the field of artificial intelligence into the southeast region of Mexico; moreover, to promote research into mexican graduate and undergraduate students.

The 2nd ISICS brings up-to-date approaches in intelligent systems, image processing and computer vision from different international scientists.

Link to the previous ISICS is here: ISICS 2016